Refund Policy
Learn about RPApp's refund policy
How does RPApp work?

RPApp is a platform that connects Employers and RPA Freelancers for jobs that can be done remotely. These jobs can be paid by the hour or fixed price.

When a client accepts an offer for an hourly or fixed price job, they make a payment in guarantee. This payment stays with RPApp until the hourly or fixed price assignment is finalized and the Employer releases this payment to the Freelancer.

If any problems occur with the hourly or fixed-price assignment, it can be cancelled through a dispute. In this case, the amount that is guaranteed on the platform, i.e. the amount that has not been released to the Freelancer by the Employer, can be refunded to the Employer (check our project cancellation policy).

In the case of a cancellation with refund to the employer, by default this amount will be credited to the employer's account on RPApp. At this point the employer can choose to use the amount as credit in future hires or request a refund of this amount.
The information below also applies to cases where the employer adds credit to his or her account.

Option 1: Credit

To view this credit, the employer simply accesses the My Finances module.
To use this amount for future hires, when directed to the payment page, simply select the "use credit" option. If the amount to be paid is higher than the balance in the account, the employer must pay the difference to start the new job. If the amount to be paid is less than the balance on account, the difference will remain as a credit and the employer can use the amount again for another hire or request reimbursement of just this difference at a later date.

Option 2: Refund

If the employer opts for a refund of the balance on the account, the refund will be made according to the payment method used.
Credit Card Payment: For payments made by credit card within the last 180 days, the refund will be made by a chargeback on the card itself. If the payment is more than 180 days the refund will be made by one of the methods available in the section below: When the chargeback is not possible.

Note: If the credit card used is cancelled or replaced, the customer will need to contact their credit card company to verify how the refund is handled in this case. For our part, by default, the refund information is sent to the carrier.

Payment by Bank Transfer or PayPal: If the payment was made by Bank Transfer or with payment from the employer's PayPal account less than 180 days ago, the refund will be made by returning the amount to the PayPal account used at the time of payment. (This account will be informed by our team at the time of refund). Thereafter the employer may withdraw the amount to their bank account or use the amount within PayPal itself.

Note: In case there are fees for withdrawing the amounts from your PayPal account, RPApp will not be responsible for these costs.

When Reversal is not possible: When reversal is not possible, either because the payment is over 180 days or because the method used does not provide the option of reimbursement, we can offer the employer any of the professional withdrawal methods as an option for reimbursement. To view these methods, simply go to the My Finances > Configure Withdrawal Options tab at the top of your profile.

In this case, the employer can choose to withdraw via PayPal, and we can also offer to transfer the amount to the employer's Bank account. But it is important to note that in all these cases, the costs of withdrawal by any method are the responsibility of the employer. In none of these cases will RPApp cover these costs.

Refund amount

Whenever a refund is requested, we will return the full amount that the employer has in their RPApp account. We do not withhold any money or charge a fee for the refund.

PLEASE NOTE: When an assignment is finalized by mediation, arbitration, or dispute, the 4.5% cost fee for using RPApp will not be refunded.

About the deadlines after the refund request:
The process is managed by RPApp within 48 business hours of the refund request (see instructions above).

The refund method will be the same as the payment method originally used.

  • Credit card refunds generally reflect on the card within 10 business days of processing the refund, although in exceptional cases it may take slightly longer, not exceeding 30 business days.
  • If you made the payment with your PayPal account or Bank Account, once we process the refund, it may take up to 24 business hours to be reflected in your PayPal account or Bank Account.