RPA COE Manager
It is critical to scaling and acts as a hub for RPA implementation. together with the collaboration of IT and business you will be able to define benchmarks and success goals for the implementation of RPA.
What does an
RPA COE Manager?
Find talents with specific skills your RPA project requires
  • Consultant with experience in methodologies for the creation or improvement of RPA Centers of Excellence.
  • Expertise in managing and administering the demand for the RPA area.
  • Support in the identification of opportunities and automation pipeline management of process prioritization.
  • Expertise in implementation and technical management of libraries, bot framework, development of reusable bots and scripts, best practices and reusable metabots.
  • Compliance and policies for operational risk control, information security etc.
  • Participation and coordination with the different technical and managerial teams that surround an RPA CoE.
  • Participation and coordination of research teams and adoption of new technologies (AI, ML, NLP) for Integration with RPA.
  • Internal demos and proofs of concept.
  • Participation and coordination of support teams and monitoring of RPA processes.
How does RPApp work?
Hiring RPA Freelancers is now very easy.
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Develop your Project
Communicate to your freelancer all the requirements for the job. Make the payment with a full guarantee on the deposited amount and start working.
Release payment
Receive the finished project and authorize the payment deposited on the platform to be transferred to your RPA Freelancer.
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