What services can you contract on RPApp?
Find a specialist for each stage of your company's automation cycle
Responsible for designing, developing, and testing automation workflows and giving support in the implementation of the RPA solution.

Defines the architecture of the RPA solution considering the technical aspects, security, availability, scalability, and others.

They understand the business rules to get an end-to-end design view. They are also responsible for updating specifications throughout the project lifecycle.
Leads and coordinates the overall performance, scope, cost, and deliveries of a project team, ensuring a successful implementation.

Responsible for the assistance, monitoring, and evolutionary maintenance of the RPA solution under implementation.

Assists in the structure and expansion of RPA within the organization, taking into account the stages of identification, prioritization, analysis, development, operation, and support.
They are responsible for testing products and reporting to the project team about any issues or improvements that the product may require.

Primarily responsible for infrastructure support for server installations and troubleshooting.

This professional identifies which processes have the best ROI. Assisting in generating backlog and visualization of processes, helping to find the most efficient solutions in all types of companies.
Creates, manages, and deploys AI Solutions. They use different tools and techniques to process data, as well as develop and maintain AI systems.

Experts in collecting and analyzing data, using various analysis and reporting tools to detect patterns, trends, and relationships in datasets.

It teaches RPA technology and its practical application. Its main function is to provide comprehensive training to people who want to learn how to use RPA tools and develop automation solutions.
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