Increase your chances of getting projects
You will now be able to share your profile and contact information with your potential clients via social media, job portals or with your RPA network.
Share your profile publicly
Your RPA portfolio in one place and in real time
Now you can use your RPApp profile as a dynamic CV that will add more value when analyzing your skills and qualifications!
Share all your professional information with files, videos, certificates and many details, through an easy to use interface.
Offer innovation to your customers
Flexibility above all, look for projects inside and now outside our platform, using the "Share your profile" functionality, send your profile to potential clients and companies, where you will get more visibility and more credibility.
Manage your projects and receive secure payments
You can use RPApp as your secure gateway to receive payments.
By using this functionality, you will have the guarantee that you will receive the amount agreed with your client and you will be able to use the entire RPApp infrastructure to manage the project by reporting progress, sending documents and evolving always in a secure and efficient way.
Your RPA career to the next level!
Create your professional profile and share it with your potential clients through social networks, job portals or with your RPA network.
Get projects and count on RPApp to receive payments, report progress and pass confidence to your clients.
We understand the importance of your information
You choose when to share your professional profile
You have the power to choose whether to leave your profile public or private, we understand the importance of your information.
Use the option available at the top of your profile as many times as necessary.
You choose when to share your contact information
You also have the option to share your contact information so that your potential customers can communicate directly with you.
Then you will have the option to serve them with a direct negotiation or through our platform.
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